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Career Development Program (CDP)

The Career Development Program (CDP) was designed for the students who are undecided about which direction to take in a career in cybersecurity.  The CDP combines a solid foundation for the core competencies of IT Security and is designed for the low to now skilled student with a primary focus on building the fundamentals of IT security, which prepares the student for each phase of the 12-week program.  Courses are taught from leading industry standards by actual cybersecurity professionals in the field.  Fundamental IT security skills will cover topics such as using a computer, using applications, databases, using computer hardware, software, and how to secure a network.  These general security concepts carry over to the IT security phase of learning.

Certified Secure Computer User and Essentials of Network Defense
Certified Secure Computer User and Essentials of Ethical Hacking
Certified in Cybersecurity and Certified Cybersecurity Technician
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3-Step Process

Phase 1

Certified Secure Computer User or Certified in Cybersecurity

Students are expected to earn their first IT fundamental certification within the first 4 weeks of the program.

Phase 2

Certified Cybersecurity Technician or Essentials of Ethical Hacking or Essentials of Network Defense

Upon successful completion of the program’s first phase, the student will advance to the second phase of the program.  During the next 4 weeks and the second phase of the program, the student will focus on the core skills learned in phase 1.  The student is expected to earn their phase 2 certification within 8 weeks of being in the program.

Phase 3

Certified Government Risk Compliance or Certified Ethical Hacker or Certified Network Defender

When the student successfully obtains their phase 2 certification, they will advance to phase 3 of the program where the student will focus on learning the core skills of IT security.  IT security is a course that will involve intense labs with on-hands learning.  Upon successful completion and obtaining their phase 3 certification, the student will prepare themselves for the Career Development Program